Since 2021, Hybrid Asset Solutions has been collaborating with The Green Rooms, located in Media City, in a successful partnership that has brought about significant improvements to the site’s maintenance and operational efficiency.

After engaging in discussions and conducting a comprehensive site tour, Hybrid identified opportunities to support The Green Rooms. We presented a Preventive Planned Maintenance (PPM) proposal that addressed their specific needs and this was then accepted. This partnership has allowed Hybrid to work closely with the on-site team, ensuring compliance and enabling them to prioritise their residents’ well-being.

Throughout the two years of the partnership, the team has completed a diverse range of works, with notable achievements including comprehensive boiler and MVHR servicing in each apartment. By providing both planned maintenance and prompt response to reactive needs, Hybrid has played a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal functioning of essential systems at The Green Rooms.

The teams responsive approach has enabled us to swiftly address any reactive issues, and our in-depth knowledge of the site has allowed us to diagnose and resolve problems even before the engineering team arrives on-site. This proactive approach not only minimises downtime but also reduces disruptions and ensures a seamless experience for residents and staff alike.

In addition to technical expertise, Hybrid has fostered a strong working relationship with The Green Rooms’ on-site team. This collaborative partnership has facilitated effective communication, streamlined workflows, and a deep understanding of the site’s unique requirements. Together, we have created an environment of trust and mutual support, further enhancing the efficiency of our operations.

As Hybrid continues to work hand in hand with The Green Rooms, we remain committed to delivering maintenance services to the highest standard, ensuring compliance, and creating a comfortable and sustainable living environment for residents. We are proud to be their trusted partner in their ongoing success.