On Christmas Day 2022, Forge Yard contacted Hybrid to report that the pump set on site had gone down and were not working. Hybrid arranged for an engineer to attend who got pump 1 up and running with parts from pump 2. This would mitigate any leaks and enabled site to get into the new year without any issues.

Hybrid then sent a quote for the remedial works required, but site unfortunately never approved this work.

2nd June 2023 –  site contacted Hybrid to report that all pumps had now failed and that no apartments had any running water. This would have resulted in site having to re-locate the residents in 110 apartments.

Hybrid arranged for an engineer to attend and was able to bypass the pump which would allow for water to apartments if residents were able to limit the amount of water used and schedule/phased approach to using the water so that they don’t overwhelm the system. Which would be sufficient until new pumps were installed.

Following this disruption the pump replacements were then approved.

Hybrid were then able to arrange for a new twin pump to be ordered and installed, 3 working days later all works had been complete leaving site fully operational.

Andrea Garcia, Community Manager, Cortland:

We had a pump failure on site which caused the entire development to lose the water supply. Had Hybrid not responded promptly, we would have had to relocate circa 180 residents and place them in temporary accommodation, which would have been a huge cost. Luckily, we got a team of subcontracted engineers on-site on the same day, and water supply was restored to all apartments within 10h of us placing the call-out. They then attended again 2 days later to install new pumps and finalise the works. So, not only the issue was resolved, but they also installed a system that will avoid us having this same problem again in the future. All was carried out with professionalism and great customer service, which adds to the experience.