Hybrid Electrical Solutions was instructed by the client to conduct an emergency lighting test at Rotherhithe Tunnel (main tunnel bore only). The test would involve isolating the electrical supply to lighting distribution equipment and monitoring which luminaires remain operational for up to 180 minutes.

Following the test, a detailed report was produced that highlights the issues present with the existing system.

Within the report, Hybrid ES provided multiple options that will place the lighting system back into full operation. This incudes upgrading the tunnel to LED.

Comment on the standard of the report made by a TfL representative stating:

“The report that Hybrid Electrical Solutions has provided has been compared to a recent survey carried out by others on the lighting at the tunnel.The Hybrid ES report that was submitted for review was deemed superior, very informative, and easy to read and understand.

Keep up the good work.”

Phil McCabe Hybrid Solutions Group Managing Director to the reports author Lee McAffee.

“You have done a tremendous job in carrying this out, presenting the information and providing options for a solution.

High praise coming from TfL as well.”